Cultivating a healthy culture is no longer optional.

Beliefs are what we know and believe to be true. Culture is the intersection that defines an organization. While culture may not eat strategy for breakfast, the absence of a strong one puts your business at a significant competitive disadvantage. More than ever, culture is the distinguishing feature that attracts and retains top talent.

Program is Good For:

Executives, Senior Leaders, Founders, and HR Leads

Key Outcomes

Define Culture Markers

Cement Core Values

Diagnose Toxic Elements

Focus Areas


VMV Refresh

When is the last time your team had a meaningful discussion about Core Values? Are you confident that your people and key stakeholders are aligned with your mission? Is your vision clear and compelling? The VMV (Values, Mission, Vision) Refresh gives you and your organization the necessary key ingredients to build a healthy culture.


Habit Design

What you celebrate gets repeated. We come alongside your leadership team to map out regular culture habits designed to celebrate performance and reinforce core values. This simple process equips your team with regular habits to exercise throughout the year.


Org Assessment

Our consulting work began by building a simple tool to assess organizational culture. Through multiple iterations and hundreds of clients, we've fine-tuned that project into a 60-day process designed to hone in on a business's culture markers, threats, and opportunities. The result: a powerful report with insights to build the kind of culture you want.



In many organizations, you have the right people, but something is missing. A functioning team is the product of art and science, and we specialize in coaching individual contributers into team players. Leveraging the SDI assessment, we can improve your team's relational intelligence and ultimately set your people up to lock arms and maximize their potential.


Do you need help now?

Continuum is a one-day workshop for organizations to gain clarity around a real-time opportunity or issue. We jump in the foxhole with you and your leadership team to help you navigate through this critical juncture in the life of your organization. Get clear about your options, gain insight into the best path forward, and put the pieces in place to get moving.

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Does Culture Matter?

A primary focus of our work is helping organizations identify what is working, what is missing, and what is broken in their culture. We use a homegrown tool to bring clarity to organizational health.

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