Leadership development that actually moves the needle.

Culture, strategy, and talent all flow from the leadership. For better or worse, the state of a business is a reflection of the individual(s) at the top. If your organization is on the struggle bus, you need to take a hard look in the mirror. How far are you willing to go to ensure that you and your leadership team are operating at the highest level possible?

Program is Good For:

Executives, Senior Leaders, Founders, & Emerging Leaders

Key Outcomes

Recalibrate Leadership Trajectory

Overcome Real-Time Obstacles


Focus Areas



Six-month coaching engagements for leaders with a pre-identified issue or opportunity in front of them. Monthly 1/2 days, weekly calls, and real-time support as needed along the way.



Half-day leadership training unpacking the Workbench Leadership Paradigm, holding authority and vulnerability in tension. Great for senior leadership teams, emerging leaders, retreats, and on-sites.


Leadership Evaluation

The Workbench version of a leadership 360. Designed to provide actionable feedback for the leader, board, or governing body.


Program Development

We come alongside the organization to design and build out custom, in-house leadership development tracks for emerging leaders.


Do you need help now?

Continuum is a one-day workshop for organizations to gain clarity around a real-time opportunity or issue. We jump in the foxhole with you and your leadership team to help you navigate through this critical juncture in the life of your organization. Get clear about your options, gain insight into the best path forward, and put the pieces in place to get moving.

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