Right Bus, Right Seat, Game On

Differentiated by intelligence, drive, interpersonal acumen, and professional skills, these people exist on a spectrum. Understanding your people and how much upside they really have is key. While competency may get them a seat on the bus, it’s ability plus culture that ensures they have lasting impact. Do you have the right people in the right seats to get where you want to go?

Program is Good For:

Executives, Senior Leaders, Hiring Managers

Key Outcomes

Clarity on Current Talent Level

Increase Retention

Enrich Team Dynamics

Focus Areas



Do we have the right people on the bus? Is everyone in the right seat? We help you get clarity on the capacity of your current team members, evaluate you org chart, and map out a plan to maximize the potential of your people.


Talent Acquisition

If you are tired of looking at resumes, negotiating with candidates, and missing on key hires, it may be time to outsource your recruiting efforts. Our sister company Core Ventures does recruiting differently, working with your specific hiring needs regardless of industry. With a unique, flat-fee model and a emphasis on culture match, they help you find the people who will take your organization to the next level.


Enrich Team Dynamics

Having the right people is only half of the equation. The balance consists of the right people working well together. By leveraging the SDI assessment, we can improve your team's relational intelligence and ultimately set your people up to lock arms and maximize their potential.


Org Chart Overhaul

As organizations grow, what started as clean and simple reporting structure gets muddied. Exceptions are made for team members with tenure and wires get inevitably crossed. Our consultants will evaluate your current org chart and work alongside you to design and build a reporting structure that streamlines communication, increases efficiency, and works at scale.

Core Ventures

Hiring the right people to build the right team.

Workbench's sister company, Core Ventures, specializes in identifying and finding the right candidates for the right roles. Working in partnership with your internal team, they offer consultative insights to ensure that placements match in competency, character, and most importantly, culture.

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