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Imagine Your Business Thriving

Workbench's tools and solutions provide you with the blueprint for building thriving leaders and organizations.
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It Takes Grit

But what's your hard work producing? If you answer 'no' to any of these questions, we can help.
> Is there clarity around your organization's vision and values?
> Do you have defined goals and objectives in place? Is there a plan to achieve them?
> Are your leaders trusted by employees? Do they admit weaknesses and know when to ask for help?
> Do good people stay with your organization for more than 2 years?
> Are you proud of your culture? Is it something employees talk positively about?
> Is everyone on the team rowing in the same direction? Do they move quickly when changes need to be made?

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Workbench's Four Dimensions

Our Four Dimensions framework reveals the 'why' behind what's happening in your organization - providing you with the actionable insights needed to bring about change.
We believe the health and success of an organization can be understood through four primary dimensions: Leadership, Talent, Culture & Strategy. Each dimension exists independent of and yet in tension with the others. Gaining insight on the current state of each dimension and how to move from where you are today to where you want to be in the future is the key to success. Do you want to understand the "why" behind what is happening in your organization?

Dimension 1: Leadership

It starts with the decision makers.

For better or worse, the current state of an organization is a reflection of the individuals at the top. Specifically, it's how they are embracing - or not embracing - authority and vulnerability. Our assessments provide you with the insights needed to develop high performing leaders; our coaches provide the guidance and support for growth and transformation.

Dimension 2: Talent

Every organization has A, B, and C players.

Differentiated by intelligence, skills and drive, these people exist on a spectrum. While competency is key, it’s the combination of humility and ambition that ensures they will have impact. With Workbench's tools, you'll gain the awareness needed to assess and build a thriving team.
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Dimension 3: Culture

The heart and soul of an organization.

Cultivating a healthy culture is no longer an option. More than ever, it's a distinguishing feature that attracts and retains top talent. Workbench's solutions provide you with clarity on how to balance performance and people - the foundation for a thriving culture - including the systems and processes to measure and reward performance, and the feedback mechanisms for people to be seen and heard.
Actionable Strategic Plans

Dimension 4: Strategy

The bone and muscle of an organization.

Without strategy, your organization is a ship at sail without a rudder. Too much focus and you miss unforeseen opportuniites. Too much flexibility and you never get where you are going. Workbench's framework will teach you how to hold focus and flexibility in tension, allowing you to track to your goals and objectives and pivot when needed to seize unexpected opportunities.
Download Workbench's Four Dimensions Starter Deck

Our Process

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    We start with assessments to diagnose the current state of your organization and the leaders at the helm. With comprehensive insights around strengths, blindspots, challenges, and opportunities, you will have clarity around what's working, not working and most importantly - why. 
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    With insights from assessments, we partner with you to design an actionable plan that will leverage strengths, remove blindspots, address challenges and take advantage of opportunities. You will have a blueprint for building a thriving organization.
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    You won't be alone as you deploy your plan - our coaches come alongside as trusted partners in your growth, change and transformation. They'll support you as you become the leader you've always wanted to be, and build the organization you've always dreamed of leading.
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The success of your business is important to us.

At the foundation of everything we do is the fundamental belief that business is a powerful vehicle for making the world a better place. No other spheres of influence touch our lives more regularly than our workplaces.
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