The Workbench Solution

Our comprehensive solution provides start-to-finish support to identify challenges and customize action plans for your business and the humans that make it go.

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Measure twice, cut once

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Get a Diagnosis

We start with an org-wide, or departmental, 360 to confirm your suspicions, surface hidden threats, and shed light on a path forward. Through interviews, assessments, and analysis, we create your unique business profile with actionable insights.
  • Unfiltered feedback
  • Synthesized data you can actually use
  • Honest insights to drive change
Clarity + roadblocks identified + options of what to do about it.
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Design a Plan

After identification, we create a custom strat plan to address challenges head on, maximizing new opportunities and crafting a strategy to mold your business into the kind of organization you want to lead. During this phase, we will work together to highlight your most lethal threat and bring in an industry expert to lead a one-day workshop to drill down on this single issue.
  • A customized path to health that fits
  • No fluff, no surprises, just meaningful work
  • Expert partnership
A tailored plan designed to meet your business’s needs with a clear path forward.
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Build a (Better) Future

Now we get after it. With defined goals and a clear path forward, our team locks arms with you to build something great through strat plan rollout and individualized leadership coaching. Our initial engagement includes two months of 1:1 support, but often extends depending on the desires of the client. Whatever your need, the Workbench team is committed to your success.
  • A focused path forward with real-time results
  • Organizational shifts that will have a lasting impact
  • In the foxhole, with you all the way
Building the business you’ve always dreamed of leading.
Get Started

Our Solution

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Organizational health starts with the decision makers.

Culture, strategy, and talent all flow from the leadership. For better or worse, the state of a business is a reflection of the individual(s) at the top. If your organization is on the struggle bus, you need to take a hard look in the mirror. How far are you willing to go to ensure that you and your leadership team are operating at the highest level possible?


Every organization has A, B, and C players.

Differentiated by intelligence, drive, interpersonal acumen, and professional skills, these people exist on a spectrum. Understanding your people and how much upside they really have is key. While competency may get them a seat on the bus, it’s ability plus culture that ensures they have lasting impact. Do you have the right people in the right seats to get where you want to go?
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Behaviors are what we do and how we act.

Beliefs are what we know and believe to be true. Culture is the intersection that defines an organization. While culture may not eat strategy for breakfast, the absence of a strong one puts your business at a significant competitive disadvantage. More than ever, culture is the distinguishing feature that attracts and retains top talent.
Actionable Strategic Plans


If culture is the heart and soul of an organization, strategy is the bone and the muscle.

Without strategy, your business is more like a summer camp with minimal direction and a hearty dose of wishful thinking. Production, performance metrics, robust financial systems, and a dialed ops plan all serve to make a business go and grow. Without a coherent strategy, you are left hoping the phone rings and nothing breaks. When is the last time you nailed down a plan of attack and executed on it?

Guiding Dynamics

We embrace paradox and reject binary thinking.

Sure, everything exists on a spectrum, but the pitfalls of either/or thinking are significant. We believe that the magic happens when we hold seemingly opposing values in tension.


Authority & Vulnerability

Authority: exercising decision-making power on behalf of the organization
: engaging interpersonal and organizational uncertainty


Ambition & Humility

Ambition: the drive to improve and achieve meaningful outcomes
: the accurate assessment of one’s abilities and limitations in a given context


Performance & People

Performance: formal and informal systems through which success is expected and rewarded
: formal and informal systems through which individuals feel seen and supported


Focus & Flexibility

Focus: fixed clarity about where an organization is going and how to get there
: the ability of an organization to adapt to real time challenges and opportunities

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