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We help leaders build healthy organizations

No organization is perfect. A good leader knows when their business is struggling. A great leader knows when to ask for help.
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It Takes Some Grit

Your leadership, team, culture and strategy are important. But something isn’t working. You feel the friction, but you can’t put your finger on the “why”. We can help.
Workbench has a proven process to identify what’s working, and even more importantly not working, in your organization. Naming both the good and not-so-good is the first step towards improved health.
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Our Process

Using a box of tools, our team of consultants will diagnose the challenges and problems in your business.
From there, we’ll design a plan to move you from where you are today to where you want to be in the future. We’ll then help you implement that plan and get you moving towards achievement of it. With decades of leadership and entrepreneurial experience, our chief aim is to see businesses, and the people behind them, flourish.
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    We gather quantitative and qualitative data from all employees. Then, using proprietary tools and analysis, we diagnose the health of your business in the key areas of Leadership, Talent, Culture, and Strategy.
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    In partnership with you, we design a plan to address the challenges that exist within each of the four dimensions. The goal is to move you from where you are today, to where you want to be in the future.
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    You are not alone in this. From the start, our consultants and coaches come alongside you and your leadership team to help you build the organization you've always dreamed of leading.
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The success of your business is important to us.

At the foundation of everything we do is the fundamental belief that business is a powerful vehicle for making the world a better place. No other spheres of influence touch our lives more regularly than our workplaces.
Let's talk about Your Success
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No organization is perfect, and it's ok if you are struggling.

We believe organizational health can be understood through four primary dimensions: Leadership, Talent, Culture, and Strategy. Each dimension exists independent of, as well as in tension with, the others. Knowing the current state of each dimension, and how it is impacting the others, is the key to unlocking and understanding the health of your organization.
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For better or worse, the state of a business is a reflection of the individual(s) at the top. If your organization is struggling, you need to take a hard look in the mirror.
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Every organization has A, B, and C players. Do you have the right people in the right seats to get where you want to go?
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Cultivating a healthy culture is no longer optional. More than ever, it is the distinguishing feature that attracts and retains top talent.
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Without strategy, your business is a ship at sail without a rudder. When was the last time you nailed down a plan and executed on it?
Workbench Loves Solving Problems
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We were completely stuck. Our leadership team knew that we were operating at 50% capacity but everyone had a different take on what was wrong. We decided to bring in outside help. The (Workbench) team came in, systematically identified our issues, mapped out a plan, and worked alongside us through implementation. Now, our business is thriving and so is our leadership team. It was worth every penny.

Shane c
ceo // aerospace engineering

Our employee retention had taken a nosedive. It felt like we were bleeding talent. (Workbench) worked with us to get to the root of the turnover, ultimately unearthing a few toxic members in middle management that were poisoning our culture. They helped us get rid of the bad apples and then revamp our core values. Since then our retention rates have skyrocketed and we're back on track.

leslie m
coo // financial services

I had never seriously considered getting a leadership coach even though it felt like all of my peers had one. When I found out Workbench only commits to a 6 month engagement I figured I'd give it a go. It was the most transformative six months of my leadership journey. I didn't want it to end!

Brett D
owner // manufacturing and distribution

We had, what felt like, a once in a lifetime opportunity at a strategic acquisition but the deal was losing steam and we were running out of options. The (Workbench) team came in and helped us come up with creative solutions for getting the deal across the finish line. Ultimately we got it done but without the expertise and immediate help from you guys I don't think it would have happened and we'd be kicking ourselves.

connor s
cfo // construction
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Who are your people?

Mar 10, 2023

About half a decade ago my family was in a crisis of my own making. Never before, and gratefully never since, have we found ourselves in such a fragile, tenuous state. It felt like a calm breeze would knock us over into an obliterated heap with no chance of recovery. 

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Get In The Game

Feb 27, 2023

My friends and team members know that one of the last places on planet earth you will likely find me is at a work-related conference. There was a time when I frequented these hybrid social/professional gatherings, diligently took notes, and even made some new friends. Those days are long gone.

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How > What

Feb 15, 2023

Years ago I worked for a very large, privately held, company. I lasted two years to the day–more on that in a different article. In those twenty-four months, I held a number of different positions, one of which was in sales. When they moved me into the sales role...

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